Bio Plastics

Bio Plastics

bio plastics

Normal Plastic is a common used in day to day life of human beings and also throughout the various industries. The Bio Plastic can be reused and bring in new format as it is in use for common man and to industry. Those plastic materials are tested and can be used for food, medicine, agriculture and many other applications. On the other hand normal plastic do not meet degradation which leaves side effects in our environments. Plastic is made from a by-product of oil, which means that nobody is importing additional oil to make plastic.

Bio Plastic are plastic comes from renewable bio mass sources like vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, pea starch or macrobiotic. Bio plastic can be made from agricultural by products and also from used plastic bottles and other containers using microorganisms.

Brain Chamber Polysacks is largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of bio plastic products base in appachiwadi, Karnataka, India. Our each and every product is eco friendly which indirectly safe the environment by polluting. We have diverse range of bio plastic products used in agriculture, hotels, home appliance and industrial sectors. We deliver the product in different size, shape and color as per the client requirements.

Bio Plastics Features

Special blend of polypropylene

Uniform wall thickness

Breakable plates

Bio Plastics Advantages

Anti-static tubes

Uniform heating

No risk of cracking

Minimize evaporation

Maximal heat transfer

Easy opening and closing